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The photo you upload when processing your order has a significant impact on the quality of your portrait. Whilst we are flexible and can work with a variety of photos, please try to ensure your photo meets the following criteria

  • Clear shot of your pet's face. Our artists will aim to replicate the position and shot of your pet's face. Generally looking straight at the camera gives a better result.
  • The higher resolution the better. Make sure when you upload your image that it hasn't been overly compressed.
  • Features natural daylight or bright lighting. Avoid photos that are too dark.
  • Your pet is wearing what you want. All collars, leads or outfits that your pet is wearing will be replicated.

Don't worry, we will never process an order if the image you upload won't give a good result. We will always contact you and work with you to find an image that will work.

If you would like us to check a photo before you process your order don't hesitate to contact us.

Good Example Photos

Looking slightly away from camera, but a good shot of the face. Our designers can recreate small portions of the image, such as the slightly cropped ear in this photo.

Poor Example Photos

A bit too dark. Difficult to see the dog's face.

Lower quality image and further away distance make seeing the detail of the dog's face difficult

Looking away from camera, can't see detail of the dog's face

Distance and position make it difficult to make out the horse's face

Cute picture but both cat's have their faces significantly obscured

 Good quality photo, but too much of the cat's face has been cropped

Very close-up has meant too much of the dog's face has been cropped

Having a person in shot isn't a problem, if they aren't blocking the pet's face, but the direction and distance would make it too difficult.

Object partially obscuring face

Object obscuring too much of face.